Still Quarrying in 1978/79!!

I walked along the edge and had a look in

my late grandmother stayed in Ord Street & I was always down near the quarry in the 70's. I remember them blasting right up to 1978/79. Reports I have read says blasting stopped in 1971 which is infact untrue. Old neighbours worked in the quarry & my late father actually worked on one of the cranes at the bottom of the quarry. He was an engineer whom helped erect the crane. I have so much happy memories down there. At one time my Grandmother & I walked along the edge and had a look in(NO BARRIERS OR H&S BACK IN THEM DAYS) My mother knows of a few men that worked at the quarry and if need I will get the names for you and I will email you again with further information once I gather it from my mother. Great to hear the quarry is in the news again. Regards Kelley Taylor