The Rubislaw Quarry Heritage Centre

Part of Aberdeen's "City of Culture" bid for 2017

Owners of Rubislaw Quarry, Sandy Whyte and Hugh Black, want to share what they believe is Aberdeen's best hidden treasure.

Rubislaw Quarry has lain dormant since it ceased quarrying for granite in 1969. Left to fill with water, the once largest man-made hole in Europe, if not the world, looks more like a loch than a quarry!

There was over 8 million tons of granite came out of this hole and almost 75% of Aberdeen's granite buildings, bridges and monuments were made from Rubislaw granite. This strong and precious stone was so much in demand, it was sent to all corners of the earth and was largely responsible for giving Aberdeen its name as, "The Granite City".

So what better place than Rubislaw Quarry is there to celebrate our granite heritage? 

Hugh & Sandy's vision for creating a visitor centre, where the citizens of Aberdeen and visitors to the city, can see where our granite heritage came from, could be one of the key projects that will help Aberdeen's bid for the City of Culture 2017 accolade. Talks have begun with Aberdeen City Council's senior officials and the owners are quietly confident their project will receive the support this iconic landmark, unique to Aberdeen, richly deserves.